Doug Lee

Bassist Doug Lee was born in Everett, WA in 1984 and moved to Lancaster, CA at a young age.  He comes from a family of musicians who regularly encouraged him to take up an instrument.  At fourteen years, Doug recalls he chose electric bass because it was seemingly the easiest instrument to play with only four strings and only having to play one note at a time.  However, one of his early bass teachers quickly changed that perception when he introduced him to slap bass; Doug took on the challenge and never looked back, performing in many bands, church every Sunday, and the high school jazz band.

In his college years while studying Civil Engineering at Cal Poly, Doug decided to audition for the college jazz band after taking a jazz history course and got into the band.  This is the point where Doug fell in love with jazz, started a music-minor and took up the upright bass.  Doug laughs, “The key to being a great upright bass player is to have a proper vehicle for transport.”  Doug performed in many college ensembles including the college big band, jazz combos, and orchestra.  Doug was fortunate to tour Brazil with the college big band, introducing him to traditional Brazilian samba.  Upon graduation, Doug moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career and further develop in the local music scene.

Since moving to the Bay Area, Doug has taken up study with Grammy award winning Brazilian jazz master Marcos Silva, and performs in Marcos’ group Intersection.  He also performs regularly in the local jazz scene and in his funk band Mango Bus.  Doug has a passion for composition with an emphasis on incorporating modern styles into the world of improvisation.  “Improvisation puts you in the moment, the now; there’s no better place to be.”  For Doug, music is not about recreating an era, but rather to perform music that is current and honest to the time we live in.