Luis Salcedo

Luis Salcedo was born in 1992 and began playing guitar at the age of 9.  Luis' first exposure to the guitar was through surf rock, then the music of the 90's, and by the time he had made it to high school, Luis had begun looking to the jazz scene, for a better understanding of how music functions.

As the recipient of the Jamey Aebersold Scholarship and graduate of the California Jazz Conservatory, he has been fortunate enough to study with Jeff Massanari, Randy Vincent, Bruce Forman, Steve Erquiaga, and Jeff Denson.  Taking with him what he learned from them, he has performed at Yoshi's Oakland, the Fillmore Jazz Festival and other venues from California to Colombia.

Today he is drawn to the guitar because of its cultural omnipresence and he continues to draw inspiration from a wide range of musicians and composers - Andres Segovia, Arnold Schoenberg, Charlie Parker, Kurt Rosenwinkel and the movements they represent, all of which have a huge influence on Luis' output as a composer and improviser.

With a firm grasp on the jazz idiom, Luis is a featured member of several ensembles, as well as the leader of his own groups, covering original material, jazz repertoire and beyond. No matter what the setting is, Luis always aims to tell a story.  His process includes writing songs with words, even when the words will never be heard by anyone. He allows the words to inform the content, phrasing and melodicism.  He is also known to vocalize as he improvises, singing along with himself as he solos.

Now based out the San Francisco Bay Area, Luis also is sure to make time for the outdoors, for the beach, the ocean, for travel, for coffee and friends.