Ruthie Dineen

Pianist Ruthie Dineen was born in Fairfield, CA in 1982, and began playing piano at age 7.  She came from a creative family, yet none of her family members were professional musicians.  Ruthie explored her own creativity through music, studying and playing both jazz and classical music throughout her teens and into her 20’s.  “Music was always very personal for me, but also very social.  I always loved practicing and exploring on my own, and then playing and having fun with others too.” 

 Throughout her college years at UC Berkeley, studying abroad in Chile, and later living abroad in Costa Rica, music remained central in her life through both study and performance.  “Music became essential to me.  One of the most important ways for me to understand the world around me and myself.”

After completing her graduate studies (in Social Work), Dineen decided to focus professionally on music performance and community arts (she is currently the Deputy Director of Programs at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in Richmond, CA).  In her music she incorporates her vast musical and personal influences, including her Latin-American heritage, classical and jazz musical background, and love for composition and improvisation.  In December 2012, Dineen graduated from the California Jazz Conservatory with a performance degree in Jazz Studies.  While composing and playing with RDL+, she is also working on other solo and group-based work.