Steve Weems

Steve Weems' application of the drumset has been called by some volcanic, by others melodic, and to other ears comes across as "someone falling down the stairs." His drumming both supports and challenges the musicians he plays with in a both carefully intentional and yet intuitive way.

From a background in classical percussion at University of Oregon, Steve also studied jazz, composition, and electronic music. These studies were in part made possible by a full tuition scholarship playing bass guitar. Steve grew up around a lot of instruments in a very musical household, he quickly became comfortable playing guitar and bass, and later piano. He played trumpet and baritone in the school band, but no instrument held as much interest to him as percussion. Perhaps this spectrum of talents adds to his ability to sympathetically calibrate to each musician he plays with.

Steve lives in the Bay Area where he teachers percussion to students from 4th to 12th grade. Active in the CMEA and NCBA music festival circuit, Steve has routinely sent his students and ensembles to adjudicated events where they have received top honors. Steve instills excellence in his students, much like he strives for it himself. Steve always considers himself a student first.